What is the scope of your language services?

We provide professional translation services in over 100 languages, encompassing various fields such as business, legal, medical, technical, marketing, and website localization.

What types of documents do you specialize in translating?

We provide Our experienced team of linguists possesses expertise in handling a wide range of document types, including contracts, agreements, financial statements, clinical reports, user manuals, websites, and promotional materials. 

What information is required for a free quote? 

 To provide you with an accurate and timely quote, please specify the source language, target language, document type, word count, desired turnaround time, and any specific technical requirements.

What factors influence translation costs?

The final cost of a translation is determined by several factors, including language pair, document complexity, required expertise, and requested turnaround time.

Do you offer certified translations for official purposes?

Absolutely. We provide certified translations authenticated by professional translators who are members of recognized translation associations.

What measures do you take to ensure data confidentiality and security?

We prioritize client confidentiality and utilize best-in-class security measures to safeguard your sensitive information throughout the translation process.

How do you guarantee the quality and accuracy of your translations?

We rigorously recruit and vet our translators based on native fluency, industry specialization, and proven translation qualifications. Additionally, we employ a multi-step quality assurance process including editing, proofreading, and final review.

Do you offer project management services for large-scale translation projects?

Yes, we provide dedicated project managers who collaborate closely with clients to ensure seamless project execution, adherence to deadlines, and consistent quality deliverables.

Do your translators possess industry-specific knowledge?

We collaborate with a network of translators who specialize in diverse fields, ensuring they possess the necessary domain knowledge to deliver accurate and culturally appropriate translations.

What are your preferred methods of communication?

We encourage clients to contact us via email & phone to discuss their specific requirements and receive personalized service. 

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payment in multiple currencies on an invoice basis.